Supporting Employee Mental Health

Helping people managers gain clarity and confident on how to support employee mental health 

The Concept 

Managers everywhere are grappling with how to support the mental health of their employees.

With rising cases of anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges in the workplace, there is a need for companies to provide formal and informal support for their staff. And that starts with managers.

This 75-minute workshop is a mental health training specifically for people managers of high-growth, highly-driven companies. Its main objective is to teach managers a set of tools needed to clearly define their role in supporting their employees’ mental health.


The Outcomes

In this actionable program, attendees will walk away with:

  • An understanding of common mental health challenges impacting employees, including a discussion on where and how to exercise accommodations;
  • Actionable techniques to help managers recognize symptoms and initiate a discussion on mental health challenges with their employees;
  • Clarity on the role of people managers in supporting employees who are experiencing mental health challenges, with a keen focus on establishing clear boundaries and roles between both parties throughout the lifecycle of any case;
  • Tools to refer employees to support, track progress using light-touch check-ins, and create an internal feedback loop;
  • Address other related, pertinent questions that arise from the attendees.

    Why this matters

    “Since the role that workplace stress plays in mental health is so significant, it’s important for employers to make mental health a priority and create a safe, supportive work environment.”
    The Star
    “We have worked with Shift Collab on a number of mental health related Lunch and Learns at our studio. What we enjoy about them is that they take topics that can be intimidating to some and deliver it in a way that creates an open and engaging dialogue. Their training is very relatable and it resonates well with our audience.” Andrea Bailey

    Learning & Development Partner, Ubisoft

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