Advisory Services


Organizations everywhere are struggling with how to navigate the policies and procedures that are needed to improve the mental health of their people. We can help.

Our Approach

We don’t tell you how to run your organization. We work with you to develop a process that transforms your organization.


We work to understand your organization, its practices, and its unique needs.


We develop tools, processes, and training that is customized for your organization.


We launch a sustainable program and with improvment that can be measured.


In order to build and deliver programs that create a lasting impact, it is important that we begin by understanding the unique challenges that face the personnel of an organization. Working together with your team, the information gathered during this phase will inform the program design. Depending on the needs of your organization, steps may include: 

  • A clinical and operational review of personnel management practices
  • Qualitative and quantitative research to better understand underlying challenges and mental health stressors
  • Individual interviews with key organizational leaders and stakeholders
  • Consultations with specific experts, including those who are both internal and external to Shift Collab 


Immediately following the Discovery Phase, we work to articulate a vision for the initiative and define the scope of the program. Both would be the outcome of a great deal of collaborative and tested work together and may involve the following steps: 

  • Assembling an employee steering committee
  • Assembling a management steering committee
  • Co-creating and testing a vision for the wellness program, in conjunction with your team
  • Designing and launching a brand to encapsulate the program, in conjunction with the internal communications team
  • Articulating an initial delivery plan and program calendar
  • Engaging stakeholders in the design of the vision and program to achieve broader programmatic support
  • Determining key metrics and indicators to evaluate the program


Depending on the goals of our work together, we may seek to combine a number of different elements that raise awareness, normalize, and educate in tandem. These may include:

  • Educational workshops for employees, managers, and executives
  • Written, visual, and video content curated for the program
  • Customized worksheets and tools
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly practices that can be used to contribute to mental wellness in the workplace
  • Small-scale events and discussions designed by our team but led by the organization’s personnel
  • Exhibits using our anonymous text-to-screen technology
  • Storytelling forums, whether in-person or online, that gives personnel the opportunity to share their story behind the research
  • Peer-to-peer meet-ups and mentorship opportunities

 What about after?

We are available to support you long after our advisory work is completed.

On-Call Advisory Services 

We are a trusted advisor for a number of our clients. They can rely on us for guidance when outlying circumstances occur. 

Ongoing Training and Development

We are the go-to resource for teams looking for regular, detailed, and thoughtful mental health training and education.