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Our Toronto HQ

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t. (416) 962-8255 f. (416) 922-0657


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

After contacted, we will set up a time to discuss your organization’s needs. Afterwards, we will provide you with a proposal and quote. Once confirmed, we will send you a contract agreement to finalize our engagement.

Is everyone on your team a therapist?

Shift Collab has an integrated team of psychotherapists, clinical social workers, and staff that are experts in other disciplines.

Being interdisciplinary is a big part of who we are as an organization and how we operate.

We have three main facilitators. Jordan Axani, Megan Rafuse, and Jaylin Bradbury. Jordan has a background in conflict negotiation and social research, whereas Megan and Jaylin are clinical therapists and social workers.

All of our facilitators have extensive knowledge of both mental health and orgaizational psychology.


Where do you work?

We offer workshops, speaking, and advisory services across North America. We operate with valid working visas and liability insurance in both Canada and the USA.

Our wellness programs are limited to Canada due to jurisdictional regulations around the practice of psychotherapy.

Who will lead workshops or training?

In nearly all cases, Jordan Axani, Megan Rafuse, or Jaylin Bradbury will be leading your workshop or training. Depending on the topic, we may suggest alternative facilitators who are carefully trained by us and a member of our therapy roster.

Is every inquiry confidential?

Yes, we take any sensitive information that you share with us very seriously and it will be kept strictly confidential.

Given that we are often working to improve the mental health of organizations that are publicly traded and or publicly funded, we have an ethical responsibility to take privacy seriously.

We do ask that if you are sharing anything particularly sensitive that you do not do so over email, as it is by default a non-secure medium. 

In some cases, we do sign mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements.