Breaking Perfectionism

Breaking a habit and freeing yourself at work and at home.

The Concept

Do you feel like you have to be perfect to be worthy? Do you struggle to get your work done because you worry what others will think? While perfectionism at work is common among ambitious professionals, it often leads to high rates of anxiety, procrastination, stress, and lack of confidence.

The Workshop
In this 60-minute workshop, we will work on challenging your inner critic. You will learn to recognize when perfectionism is taking over, strategies to challenge this faulty thinking, and tools to reduce anxiety and boost performance.

The Outcomes
By the end of this workshop, attendees will have the skills needed to: 

    • Feel lighter and perform better

    • Be more focused on doing things that make an impact

    • De-stress and exercise clearer judgement

Why this matters

“Perfectionism, after all, is an ultimately self-defeating way to move through the world. It is built on an excruciating irony: making, and admitting, mistakes is a necessary part of growing and learning and being human. It also makes you better at your career and relationships and life in general. By avoiding mistakes at any cost, a perfectionist can make it harder to reach their own lofty goals.”

“We have worked with Shift Collab on a number of mental health related Lunch and Learns at our studio. What we enjoy about them is that they take topics that can be intimidating to some and deliver it in a way that creates an open and engaging dialogue. Their training is very relatable and it resonates well with our audience.”

Andrea Bailey

Learning & Development Partner, Ubisoft

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